Heeey guys.

It’s been a while since I posted something on my blog. I have been very busy with work and enjoying life. It was really difficult to work on my blog during my vacation. So I decided to take a month off. Am very happy that I did this, because at the moment my brain is full of ideas. So be prepared cause I will be posting a little bit more these days.


In July I received a lot of packages and one of these packages is this Summerproof sweater from Cultureboy. I have been loving these sweater so much that I almost wore it every day during my vacation. It’s not too thick or too thin, it’s just a perfect sweater for the Summer evening’s. What do you think?



Pretty right? What I love about Cultureboy is that they have a good service and a lot of beautiful stuff for men and women. In the future I will definitely order something new from this web-shop.  


Sweater: Cultureboy

Short: H&M

Shoes: Bent

Bag: H&M

Watch: H&M

Ring: Twice as Nice


What do you think of this sweater?


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