My new helpful items

Finally guys! I am done with school for this year. Finally I can rest a little bit more and go back to work. It’s been a heavy year for me but I’m glad that I will be able to rest for 2 months and finally do what I want. The last few weeks have been very busy weeks for me so I didn’t have a lot of time for my blog, but now am going to keep you guys updated by trying to post more on my blog. And I also feel so sorry cause a few days ago it was my 3 years blog anniversary. I felt so bad because my blog means a lot to me, it’s like my little baby and I couldn’t celebrate it because of my exams.


Tomorrow is the start of a new month, so a new fresh start in my life. You guys know that I dream a lot and I always make a lot of plans when a new month starts. Like always, I have made myself a new list for July. And one of the things that I want to try in July is to drink more water and manage my time wisely. And guess what guys… I got some amazing items from ‘’ that will really help me to achieve these goals. Curious about the items?


What I got was this awesome water bottle with an infuser. I love drinking water, but the problem is that I don’t do it often. And I really want to change this. You guys can’t imagine how happy I was when this bottle arrived. At the moment I love to drink my water with some fruit in it. And this bottle is actually made for it. Maybe one of these day I will share some fruit water recipes cause I now you guys love to read this kind of posts.


Like I said in the beginning of this post, I want to try to manage my time wisely in July. And the people that know me will be very happy to hear that I actually want to solve this big problem. I got this cute copper clock from ‘’ and this is something that will help me to solve this problem. It will help me to get more on time on my appointments. This clock is so cute and actually not that big. And it looks also very nice in my bedroom interior.


What do you think about my new items from ‘’?


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