Classy… That’s what I like!

Am so happy about the fact that I’ve been so blessed to come into a new month. A new month means a lot to me. I love making plans and looking forward. When a new month starts , I start having a positive vision of life. ‘New month, new goals!’ That’s what I keep telling myself. 


You guys know that I love Pinterest. Just because it gives me a lot of inspiration. Lately, I found an amazing quote that kept me thinking about life an how I treat myself. And am going to be honest with you guys, this quote kind of touched my heart and soul. The quote goes like this…


Dear self,

Promise to treasure your time.

Don’t fall in love with potential.

Remember that just because you want it,

doesn’t mean it deserves to have you.

Be patient, but don’t procrastinate.

Be hopeful, but not naive.

When it’s right, you’ll know.

You don’t have to force it!






Here’s the thing- I love wearing classy ans basic items. When I go shopping I keep in mind that I am only looking for this kind of items. A week ago I went shopping and a saw this amazing trouser. And of course… I bought it, what did you expect? (haha) And to be honest, I have no regrets. I really really really love this trouser.




Glasses: Primark

Blouse: H&M

Trouser: H&M

Shoes: Primark

Bag: Primark

20170527_082910000_iOS 1

Have a nice week guys and make sure that you treat yourself the way you want to be treated!


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