Toms and Tommy

The sun has been shining lately (mostly), which gives me a chance to actually get outdoors, wear some real clothes, take some photos and enjoy life. At the moment am working my ass off for school. So actually am not really enjoying life anymore. But anyway, I just wanted to post a small outfit and... Continue Reading →

Classy… That’s what I like!

Am so happy about the fact that I’ve been so blessed to come into a new month. A new month means a lot to me. I love making plans and looking forward. When a new month starts , I start having a positive vision of life. ‘New month, new goals!’ That’s what I keep telling... Continue Reading →

Enjoying life

Hi guys. First of all, I just want to say I'm sorry. I have been soooo busy that I didn’t have the time to sit-down and write some blog posts. Working on my blog is something that I really like and I also get very motivated by reading your lovely comments. 2 weeks ago I... Continue Reading →

How to get that Summer body

I have been sharing a lot of recipes and outfits, but it’s been a while since a posted a body article. In my last post of ‘Good exercises for a Summer body?’ I have promised you guys that I would make a second post about this topic. And here it is! How can you get that... Continue Reading →

3 delicious avocado toasts

Some of you guys already know. I am really addicted to avocado. The taste is soooo damn good. You can actually eat avocado with a lot of things like bread, rice cakes, toast… Because I like to eat toast with avocado, I thought that it would be a great idea to share some of my... Continue Reading →

The perfect sweater for this weather

Recently, I have been wearing a lot of comfortable sweaters. When I’m at home, I really don’t care about what I’m wearing. Usually I’m just walking around in some horrible outfits. Let us take a moment to be honest to each other.  A yellow t-shirt combined with green pants and pink socks is really not... Continue Reading →

My pasta pesto

Let me be honest with you guys. I never liked cooking. For real, I even hated it. But now a few years later… I kind of enjoy cooking. At the moment, I don’t make any difficult dishes because that would be too complicated for me. But am starting with the easy ones first and I... Continue Reading →

Boost your confidence

We have all been in those moments when everything is going very well and you start thinking that you can handle the world. And at that point you have a very high self-confidence. (In a good way) From the moment that something bad happens or someone we truly love says you can do it or... Continue Reading →

Popping the basics

Hey Guys! It’s been a while since I posted something on my blog. But now am totally back. I had a lot going on and I really didn’t have the time to post articles on my blog. Actually I have been very busy with my school stuff but I’ve also been thinking a lot about... Continue Reading →

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